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Convert your time
into bitcoin.

Bitcoin invoicing, project management and expense tracking – for everyone!

zaprite invoices can be paid with bitcoin lightning liquid tether

The easiest way
to get paid in bitcoin

Send beautiful, professional invoices with ease. Accept payments with Bitcoin, Lightning, Liquid or credit/debit cards.


Key benefits and platform features …

  • No KYC! Sign-up with just an email address
  • Accept Bitcoin, Lightning, Liquid and credit/debit card payments
  • Get notified when invoices are paid
  • Manage projects and tasks
  • Free plan available!
zaprite is available globally


Zaprite is available globally.

Zaprite is available anywhere there is an internet connection and a browser. We will soon be adding language translations to our app and website.

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Zaprite is free to use, for now!

Simply sign-up with an email address and password and you're good to go!


Please reach out via email or Twitter if you have any questions.

What is Zaprite?

Zaprite is a web app that allows anyone to create beautiful, customized invoices that can be paid with Bitcoin, Lightning, Liquid or credit/debit cards.

How much does it cost?

Zaprite is free to use right now. We will always have a free plan as part of our offering.

When is Zaprite launching?

Zaprite is currently in beta and we are now onboarding new users. If you would like to sign-up, visit and create an account.

Can I get notified when Zaprite adds new features?

Absolutely. You can add your email to our list (in the footer below) and follow us on Twitter for official announcements.

What information do I need to provide at sign-up?

We only require an email address (and strong password!) to sign-up. It is our aim to remain KYC-free for the core product features at Zaprite.

How does Zaprite work?

Users can create a customized invoice and email a unqiue payment URL to clients. Invoices can be denominated in a variety of fiat currencies, and Zaprite will create a bitcoin payment request using live market rates at the time of payment.

How secure is Zaprite?

Our goal is to integrate payment protocols so that users can connect their own accounts and wallets. That way, payments are made directly into users personal accounts and we never control any user funds.

Will Zaprite support other digital currencies?

Nope. Altcoins are a distraction. Our aim is make it easier for everyone to stack sats. Zaprite will only ever support bitcoin (BTC).

Will Zaprite provide a bitcoin wallet for my funds?

No. Our platform is currently non-custodial. You will need to read-up about securing your own bitcoin before using Zaprite.

Does Zaprite have a bug bounty program?

Yes. We welcome eligible contributions from security researchers. If you believe you have found a vulnerability, you can email us at with questions, or submit a report directly via Telegram, or our Zendesk Support page. Learn more about our Bug Bounty Program.


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