Bitcoin payments made easy.

We help businesses migrate to a bitcoin standard.

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Any wallet. Anywhere. Anyone.

Serverless bitcoin payments for everyone, everywhere.

From sign-up to accepting bitcoin payments in minutes.

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Connect any wallet.

Whether it's third-party or self-custodial, lightning or on-chain, single-sig or multi-sig, we've got you covered.

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Global, borderless payments.

Our platform enables you to collect bitcoin payments no matter where you are in the world.

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Simple onboarding.

No complicated sign-up process. Anyone can create an account with just an email address.

Why Zaprite

What makes us different?

Our unique approach to bitcoin payments allows businesses to retain control over their finances, while avoiding costly and time-consuming technical overheads.

Any wallet.

Self-custody, custodial, on-chain, lightning, single-sig, multi-sig.

No server required.

Avoid complexity, overheads and server management.

Integrated checkout.

Accept on-chain, lightning, fiat, in one unified Checkout experience.

Easy sign-up.

Create an account in seconds with just an email address.

Product features

A suite of tools to make running any business on bitcoin a breeze.

Zaprite allows anyone to seamlessly accept payments in bitcoin and fiat in one integrated platform, whether you're issuing invoices or selling goods or service online.

More Features

0% Transaction fees

Stay in complete control of your funds.

Zaprite is not a payment processor-we never touch your money. Payments flow directly into your wallet of choice. You keep 100% of the payments you receive.

Our Pricing

Proof of Payment

Powerful automated records for buyer and seller.

Leverage Zaprite's platform to create bi-directional proof of payment notifications.

You and your customer's record keeping and accounting will benefit from accurate bitcoin payment data.


We are building for a bitcoin standard.

And we've built tools to accelerate the transition.

Issue and track invoices, create payment links for selling goods and services, customize payment methods and track income accounting for your business.


Frequently Asked Questions

Please reach out if you have any questions or would like to schedule an onboarding call.

Does Zaprite have an API for developers?

Yes, Zaprite has an API that allows developers to create their own custom bitcoin, lightning and card payment flows. Coupled with our webhook service, you can create Orders and receive notifications whenever an Order is paid. For more information, visit our Developers page, or our view our API Documentation.

Does Zaprite only support bitcoin?

Zaprite enables bitcoin and fiat payments–providing one integrated payment experience for a business to receive bitcoin payments (on-chain & lightning) and fiat. Zaprite does not support any other cryptocurrencies and never will. Bitcoin is money, everything else is credit or worse.

How much does Zaprite cost?

Zaprite offers monthly and annual subscriptions. The monthly plan (paid month-to-month) currently costs $25/month. The annual plan costs $240/year with one upfront payment, which is a 20% discount to the month-to-month pricing. In the near future, we plan to charge a 20% surcharge if paid in fiat rather than bitcoin for both monthly and annual plans.

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