Does Zaprite have an API for developers?

Yes, Zaprite has an API that allows developers to create their own custom bitcoin, lightning and card payment flows. Coupled with our webhook service, you can create Orders and receive notifications whenever an Order is paid. For more information, visit our Developers page, or our view our API Documentation.

Does Zaprite only support bitcoin?

Zaprite enables bitcoin and fiat payments–providing one integrated payment experience for a business to receive bitcoin payments (on-chain & lightning) and fiat. Zaprite does not support any other cryptocurrencies and never will. Bitcoin is money, everything else is credit or worse.

How much does Zaprite cost?

Zaprite offers monthly and annual subscriptions. The monthly plan (paid month-to-month) currently costs $25/month. The annual plan costs $240/year with one upfront payment, which is a 20% discount to the month-to-month pricing. In the near future, we plan to charge a 20% surcharge if paid in fiat rather than bitcoin for both monthly and annual plans.

What information is required to sign up?

To create and use a Zaprite account you just need a valid email address. Zaprite is not a financial institution or a payment processor. We offer software services to help businesses receive bitcoin payments, but we never hold or process customer funds.

Is Zaprite a custodian?

Zaprite is not a custodian. Zaprite never touches customer funds. When you create a Zaprite account, you will need to connect a wallet–or connect an account you have with a bitcoin custody or financial service provider–before you can start receiving bitcoin payments.

Does Zaprite support lightning payments?

Zaprite enables both onchain and lightning payments. For lightning payments, you will either need to connect a non-custodial lightning node or connect an account with a bitcoin custody or financial service provider that enables lightning payments and that Zaprite supports as a Connection.

Does Zaprite help convert bitcoin to fiat?

Zaprite does NOT help businesses convert bitcoin to fiat. Zaprite does help enable fiat payments by allowing businesses to connect a fiat payment method (such as card payments enabled by Stripe) side-by-side with bitcoin and lightning payment methods. We also help customers connect bitcoin and lightning payment methods that are directly linked to bitcoin custody and exchange accounts with companies that facilitate currency conversion between bitcoin and fiat.

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